GUNK Presents: May The Fourth Be With You At Jolie Rouge Tattoo

What better way to celebrate Star Wars day by getting a bunch of Star Wars tattoos all over your body.

So our buddy Mr Gordo does a bunch of stuff – like run the webzine GUNK and the Disposable Diaries project and design the Sick Chirpse logo that we’re currently rocking on the Sick Chirpse twitter – and he just started managing a tattoo shop up on Caledonian Road in London called Jolie Rouge in addition to all that. On May 4th this year they had a massive Star Wars celebration (May The Fourth, get it!?) and a bunch of people came in to get Star Wars tattoos. They even made a short documentary film where you get to see Mr Gordo and our other buddy LJRadAwesome talk about Star Wars, Jolie Rouge and tattoos in general.

I was never really a Star Wars fan – I mean I thought the first two ruled but Jedi is kinda gay with those Ewoks and don’t get me started on the prequels, I remember watching Attack of The Clones (worst name EVER by the way) and thinking it was like a bad episode of Dawson’s Creek or something – and I’m not really that into tattoos but I know a bunch of people are and the video is pretty entertaining and you even get to see Mr Gordo himself with his stupid moustache and everything.There’s also a really cool/lame (delete as applicable) dude who has Star Wars tattoos ALL OVER HIS BODY and said he’s only going to stop getting Star Wars tattoos when he runs out of space. He also has his nipple pierced, so if you’re in any doubts as to whether he’s cool or lame that should confirm in your head that he’s a super cool dude.

Anyway, check out the documentary below and if you like what you see head on over to Jolie Rouge, Mr Gordo or GUNK to get more of the same kind of shit.

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