Watch This Guy Take An Insane Tour Through Compton, Ending With His Arrest

Compton Doughnuts

Not much has changed.

The city of Compton smashed into the mainstream consciousness thanks to the success of NWA in the early 90s and since then it’s been known as a completely run down, gangster area that spawned some of the greatest hip hop ever heard in this world.

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It’s almost 30 years since that period though, but has Compton managed to change at all? Judging by the video featured below, not really. It’s a fifteen minute drive through the city, stopping by to watch some wild dudes closing down the street and having a full on donut competition (stupid) with the dude taking the tour getting pulled over and searched by the police. Standard:

Yeah, doesn’t really look like that much has changed since back in the 90s, but hey at least we didn’t see anyone get shot or killed. That shit is probably still going down there though no doubt. Not the kinda place I think I ever want to live, no offence.

For more Compton, check out the news on the sequel to Straight Outta Compton. It’s gonna be good.


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