This GTA V Mod Has The Most Incredible Graphics We’ve Ever Seen

GTA Redux


GTA mods have always been popular with PC users of the game – who can forget this one where whales fell from the sky, or this other one with a gun that shot cars? – but a guy called Josh Romito looks as though he might have created a mod that’s actually useful for once.

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GTA Redux has reimagined the graphics of the already impressive looking game to make it look absolutely incredible:

The weather system has been overhauled.

For example, textures have been retuned, lighting and shadows are now more realistic, as are blood animations ‘for improved speed, and spread’, and there’s more garbage and debris on the streets, to name but a few of the exhaustive list of improvements.

Seeing is believing, though, so you should have a swatch at this.

Yeah, that looks dope doesn’t it? It’s just a pity GTA V came out about two years ago so now I doubt anyone’s gonna get Redux and play all the way through it again, but hey at least it’s an option and at least it looks completely dope as well.

Maybe try and do it somehow so that it comes out at the same time as the next GTA, which might actually have a release date now. FYI if you’re down with getting Redux, then that comes out on August 26th.


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