Content For GTA V Heist Mode Has Just Leaked; Check Out All The New Material Here

GTA V Heist Mode

Spoiler: it looks sick.

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Gamers have been eagerly awaiting details of GTA V Heist Mode since it was first announced, and now it seems like a lot of the content has been made available via a leak on mysterious Twitter account @FunMW2, who claims that he hacked Rockstar’s cloud account to get the info. He reveals new actors, new weapons, new characters and most importantly new vehicles.

It seems like the information is legit too, because Rockstar banned FunMW2 from their official forums and seem pretty miffed about it all. All we can say though is that we’re stoked because some of these images look awesome. Hopefully we’ll get a release date sooner rather than later and we can start making police chases as good as this one in it.


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