This GTA 5 Mod Lets Us See What GTA 6 Might Look Like


Grand Theft Auto is undoubtedly the biggest video game franchise of all time, so it’s almost an inevitability that when the sixth game finally drops it will be the biggest video game of all time and so any tidbits that we can get about it right now are gobbled up instantly.

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This isn’t exactly any details about the actual game itself at this point, but a guy called Jamal ‘Razed’ Rashid has downloaded a graphics mod for the PC version of GTA 5 that gives us a clue as to what GTA 6 might look like whenever it decides to drop. It pretty much just turns Los Santos into a live action movie and looks completely and utterly spectacular.

Take a look below and see what I mean:

Jesus that looks spectacular doesn’t it? I know that it’s on a PC and it’s a mod, but just think how amazing GTA 6 is gonna look if this is just some random dude working on it in his spare time?

There’s still sadly no news on when GTA 6 will be available, but if you can’t wait that long Rashid has confirmed that the mod will be available for free at some point in the future if you want to play through GTA 5 again with it looking this good.  Probably be a lot of fun.

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