Leaker Claims That The GTA 6 Story Is Finished And The Map Will Be Huge

Could it be on its way?

Another day, another contradictory story about GTA 6 and it’s possible release dates/progress.

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This time it comes courtesy of streamer ChrisLiberty93, who is respected within the gaming community and followed by Rockstar, as well as predicting the departure of Rockstar head honcho Dan Houser well before it happened. He first made his claims in a now deleted Reddit post where he said the following, courtesy of TechRadar:

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Chris ‘Liberty93’ from Rockstar Mag (a French fan site) claims the story for Grand Theft Auto 6 was wrapped up prior to the departure of Rockstar’s head writer, Dan Houser, and that the next GTA entry will still have the “soul” of a typical Rockstar game.

Although a finished story might suggest a release date for GTA 6 is close, Chris did point out that many changes were made to Red Dead Redemption 2’s story during development, despite it being ‘completed’ way back in 2012.

I guess it makes sense that Houser would have written the game as he was responsible for pretty much everything else they’ve ever produced and it also makes sense that this would be the first thing that they finish as this has been the way that they’ve worked in the past. Doesn’t really give us even an inkling of when it might be arriving though sadly does it?

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