Here’s A Grown Up Macaulay Culkin Recreating Some Of The Classic Scenes From Home Alone

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Merry Christmas.

Home Alone is one of the iconic Christmas movies and even though it’s unfathomably violent, pretty much everyone who has ever seen it absolutely loves it.

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That’s why a surefire way to promote your product in the holiday season is to try and tie it in to some kind of Home Alone content and this is exactly what those major players over at Google have decided to do to hype up their Google Assistant/Google Home. Basically the commercial sees Culkin recreate some of the iconic scenes from the movie but instead of using whatever he used back then to accomplish his goals, he’s just using Google Home instead to do it. Cute.

Yeah, you can’t really argue with that because it’s a completely sick advert that’s bound to draw some attention to Google Home/Google Assistant. I guess that’s why you pay the big bucks because you know Macaulay Culkin doesn’t like doing Home Alone  stuff – just think about how many millions Google probably paid him for this ad spot? Every single dollar was probably worth it though when you think about it. That’s why they’re the big boys.

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