You Can Now Grow Your Penis By Injecting It With Blood

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Great news.

Even if you’ve got one of the biggest dicks in the world, you probably still dream about having a bigger one – and we all know how everyone with a less than average one feels.

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Usually the only reason to achieve this desire is via some surgery that doesn’t even really work or any other countless half assed options preying on a man’s vulnerability, but the latest idea is that you can make your dick bigger by injecting it with blood. At least according to Dr Norman Rowe (pictured below, who I would definitely trust to inject blood into my dick) from New York. Here’s what he had to say:

Norman Rowe

In the last 10 years, we have seen the rise of so many ‘quick fix’ operations like Botox – for the face, for the eyes…  I spend so much of my day doing fillers on women’s faces.

I started to wonder: why can’t I make it work for men?

I was inspired by innovations in facial fillers and sports medicine. I’ve been injecting PRP, blood that has been rid of its platelets, making it more concentrated into men’s shafts.

Men who take the injection can expect a growth of 1.5 inches in circumference. You can have the injection on your lunch break too.

You come in, get the injection, 20 minutes later you’re walking out. There’s no recovery period.

I would recommend not having sex for two days after, but erections are fine.

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Well, I don’t know if most people are really looking for an increase in girth – surely it’s more length that they’re after, right? – but I guess this could be a viable solution. I mean it sounds like it works and it’s quick and (relatively) painless from the sounds of things, so why not check it out if you’re a little on the small side? Not sure how much it costs but if you’re gf needs more girth in her life then this could be the answer.

Or it’s probably more likely that it’s the latest in another bunch of fad ways to make your dick bigger that don’t really actually work and just scam you out of loads of money and eve more of your self esteem. Try and get over it if it still worries you – remember it’s not the size of the ship but the motion in the ocean.

In completely bizarre news, this guy recently had dick reduction surgery. WTF?


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