Greggs Are Launching A Cajun Bake

Make it spicy.

Greggs is probably the nation’s favourite bakery, but they need to be constantly adding new items to their menu to stay on top of the pile.

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The latest one of these is the Cajun Bake which sounds like it’s going to be an absolute winner. It contains Cajun style chicken breast in a spiced tomato sauce with onions and peppers with a paprika crumb topping atop its pastry case. Sounds delicious.

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Sadly, the bake is only going to be around this summer as it’s only going to be available until September 1st so you’ve really gotta make sure that you get a few in whilst you still can. They’ll set you back £1.50 and contain 432 calories if you’re worried about that kind of thing.

If you really do fall in love with the Cajun Bake, there is the possibility that you might be able to get them after the end of August, as they’re also going to be sold in Iceland as well. You’ll be able to pick up two for £2, so maybe just buy a whole bunch of them and pile up your freezer with them. You never know.

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