The Green Party Just Posted The Funniest Political Broadcast Message Of All Time

Green Party Grown Up Politics

It imagines the current political leaders as five year olds and absolutely nails it.

The Green Party has always been known as the party that does things differently, but their latest campaign video has really gone left field. And to be fair, it’s absolutely awesome and they’ve smashed it out of the ballpark.

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In the video, they’ve reimagined the current political climate and its actors in a play school environment, so you basically get a bunch of five year olds playing David Cameron, Jeremy Corbyn, Boris Johnson, George Galloway et al. As you might expect, five year olds being five year olds, they just kind of shout at each other, cry and have loads of fights, which actually isn’t too dissimilar to how the adult versions of their characters act every day during their political careers.

That’s exactly the message that The Green Party is trying to convey, and doing it in this way has perfectly represented their stance as being the only viable alternative (at least in their eyes) to the current political system. Nice work:

Yeah, they absolutely smashed that didn’t they? I don’t know how many votes it’s going to get them, but hopefully if they keep banging out excellent promo videos like this and the boy band video from last year, then they might actually make a difference and get people on their side. Here’s hoping.


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