Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong Is Starring In A New Movie And He’s Pretty Much Playing Himself



If you’re a singer in a punk rock band trying to cross over and become an actor, it’s probably not a good idea to play a singer in a punk rock band in your first major role.

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For some reason though, that’s exactly what Bille Joe Armstrong from Green Day has decided to do in his first movie role in the new movie Ordinary World. He plays an ageing punk singer trying to readjust to life off the road after his band has split up. I suppose that’s slightly different to his life in Green Day, but it’s probably not exactly a stretch is it:

Hmmm, I mean that looks OK I suppose and there are some pretty cool people in it as well as Billie Joe like Selma Blair,  Judy Greer, Chris Messina and goddamn Kevin from The American Office, but I’m not really sure if it’s gonna be that good.

I mean it’s just blatantly going to be Billie Joe realising he has to grow up and do something else and leave his punk rock roots behind now he’s an adult – which I suppose is a direct contrast to Billie Joe in real life as he’s about to release another record, so fair play to him for branching out in his acting debut – and that just sounds kinda schmaltzy and lame. Will probably still go and see it though.

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