It’s Already Been One Year Since The Greatest Ever ‘Come Dine With Me’ Moment


The ultimate sore loser.

‘Come Dine With Me’ is one of those staples of British television that you just can’t help but enjoy – nobody ever records it or plans to tune in, but if it’s on then you’re more than happy to just sit back and enjoy because it never disappoints.

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Nobody ever talks about it either – unless one of their friends were on it or something. However, this time last year the internet went crazy over contestant Peter Marsh’s spectacular rant when he ended up coming last and losing his shit in a rant at fellow contestant Jane. The pair had fallen out during the show and Peter accused Jane of sabotaging his night, utilising one of the most creative uses of the phrase “dump truck” I think I’ve ever heard:

Wow – talk about a sore loser.

But honestly, what’s not to like about this? Marsh is obviously a complete and utter dickhead, so it’s great to see him lose his marbles, but I think my favourite part about it is the nerdy guy sat clasping his hands and feeling unbearably awkward right in the middle of it. The woman next to him eventually breaks the silence and hugs Jane but he just sits there scared shitless staring at his hands.

Love it – almost makes me want to watch the whole episode and a simple illustration of what ‘Come Dine With Me’ is all about. For more of the same, check out this fat kid having a meltdown with his pregnant teenage sister. Need to raise these kids better.


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