Graphic Video Shows Elderly Man Being Shoved To The Floor By Riot Police

Distressing footage.

We’ve been seeing a lot of videos of police brutality over in the States, but this one is probably the most graphic and horrific of all of them as it features an elderly old man getting dominated for pretty much no reasons.

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The footage comes from Buffalo, New York where the old due is remonstrating with riot police who don’t have time for his bullshit and decide instead to bat him out of the way and march on. He falls over and hits his head and a pool of blood slowly starts to emanate from it, whilst nobody even thinks to try and help him.

It’s avery upsetting video and one of them has a really horrible sound in it as his head hits the sidewalk, so be warned about that before watching it:

Jesus. I know there are those of you out there who will argue that he was ignoring the curfew and so deserves any punishment that he receives, but even so it seems a bit unnecessary when he’s just a feeble old man and there are about 20 cops around him.

Some reports are even saying that he was just trying to give them back one of their helmets that had been lost somehow, which makes the whole thing even worse. The guy was taken to hospital with concussion and a laceration inside his ear and is a ‘stable but serious condition’. Let’s hope he pulls through.

Refreshingly though, both the Mayor of Buffalo Byron Brown and Governor of New York Andrew Cuomo have condemned the attack, suspending the two officers without pay and launching a full investigation. Kinda sad that we have to say that’s refreshing but I guess it does show that some of the protesting of the last few days seems to be having an effect. Good.

For more of the same, check out this supercut of police brutality. Ouch.


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