People Are Sending This Man’s Grandkids Death Threats Because Of This Heartbreaking Photo

I want to give this granddad a hug so badly.

This sad granddad is blowing up all over the Internet after his granddaughter shared this photo of him looking a little down in the dumps with a burger in his hand.

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The girl revealed her granddad had made 12 burgers for all 6 of his grandchildren who he had invited over, but she was the only one who bothered to show up:

People were so appalled by this they actually tracked down these kids’ social media accounts and started sending them death threats, prompting Kelsey to Tweet some updates:

It did seem to give one absent grandkid a kid up the butt though:

Well I’m glad that got sorted out because I was just about to write my application to be this granddad’s 7th grandkid (if he’d have me). My grandparents have been dead for years anyway so I’ve been on the lookout for a while now. Plus looks like this guy loves cooking burgers all the time? Sign me up!

P.S. What a pro cooking 12 burgers for 6 people. That’s what you call an awesome host/granddad, unlike this one.


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