Drug Dealing Granddad Arrested After 100mph Police Chase (VIDEO)

Alan Johnson

Bad to the bone.

A granddad has been arrested after he took police on a 100mph police chase and was caught throwing heroin out of his car.

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Alan Johnson, 60, was given two years and 6 months in the slammer after the court heard about the incident, which went down in August last year. Apparently he drove away from police in Exeter and launched a “tennis ball-sized” package of drugs out of the window. The parcel weighed around 24g and had a street value of £3,100.

According to the BBC, the chase went on for just minutes before the police backed off as it was deemed unsafe. However, he was eventually caught when he went back to the scene to pick up his drugs. Absolute rookie mistake – he should’ve waited at least a few days before doing that.

Looks like that’s the last time old granddad Johnson will be stalking the roads for a long time. He should’ve taken a leaf out of this guy’s book.


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