‘The Grand Tour’ Looks Like It’s Going To Shit All Over The New ‘Top Gear’


The BBC must be shitting their pants.

Ever since it was announced that Hammond, Clarkson and May were filming their new show ‘The Grand Tour’ for Amazon Prime, fans have been eagerly awaiting its premiere to see if they could recreate the magic of ‘Top Gear’ in another setting. And now that the first official trailer has dropped we can pretty much confirm that they will be able to, as if there was ever really any doubt.

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The trailer confirms that the show will have the usual combination of super sick fast cars and stupid banter, but also throws in a couple of curve balls like some jet skis, a couple of explosions, a tank and a couple of cars getting completely and utterly destroyed. Looks absolutely sick to be honest:

Yep, looks like Amazon Prime subscriptions are going to go through the roof come November 18th. This is going to be some essential viewing right there when it comes out – can’t wait to see what stupid antics these guys are going to get up to when they’re driving around the world.

If this wasn’t enough to get you excited, then check out who the gang have managed to get in as their racing driver as well. This show is going to be dope.


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