Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto V is now nearly a reality. Nearly enough a reality to make me very, very excited.

Grand Theft Auto V has been at the back of my mind ever since I completed Grand Theft Auto IV. I’ve spent endless hours/days/weeks/months fantasising over when Grand Theft Auto V would be out, who the main character of Grand Theft Auto V will be, where Grand Theft Auto V would be set and a whole bunch of other thoughts revolving around Grand Theft Auto V. Let’s just say I’ve been pretty damn excited about the words “Grand Theft Auto V”.

Well it seems that today I am one step closer to the reality that will be, Grand Theft Auto V.

Rockstar, the creators of the previous Grand Theft Auto games, have always been well known for keeping their traps shut about future releases in the GTA series. What Rockstar tend to do is not mention anything, and then drop a bomb a month or two before the game is set to be released. After the bomb has been dropped Rockstar will bombard every media source possible with trailers, photos, artwork and other GTA related media meaning anyone using the internet is completely psyched to fvck about whatever GTA is set to be released next. This is exactly what Rockstar have done today.

Earlier on, Rockstar dropped the following on their Twitter feed:

Grand Theft Auto V

Nothing more, nothing less. Just a simple: #GTAV – obviously referring to Grand Theft Auto V – and a link to their homepage, rockstargames.com.

Nothing more was needed. Anyone who had played the previous Grand Theft Auto games and was just slightly interested in what might be around the corner in terms of the next installed will now be creaming their pants just from the fact that Rockstar had, for the first time ever, mentioned Grand Theft Auto V. I certaintly did.

Clicking on the link to Rockstar’s homepage takes you to the following splash screen, again, not much to it. Simply a Grand Theft Auto V logo, and some text telling us that a trailer will be released on the 2nd of Novermber 2011. Pretty fvcking exciting.

Grand Theft Auto V

This is all that has been released thus far. A tweet, a logo, and some text telling us that there will be a trailer on the 2nd of November.

Does the style of the V in the Grand Theft Auto V logo give some insight into where GTA V will be set?  Well it does look very similar to the style on a five dollar bill, but what does that tell us? That it’s set in America? Whoa, big deal. Maybe New York? Guess that would make sense. I dunno. I’m just going to wait patiently until the trailer is released next Wednesday (holy shit that’s only a week away).

Is anyone else as excited as me or am I completely over-exaggerating my anticipation to get high and have a mighty long session on the latest installment of Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto Series – GTA V? Either way I don’t care. I’m booking two weeks off work, ordering some home-grown and getting my Grand Theft motherfuckin Auto on.



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