‘Grand Theft Auto V’ For PC Is Currently Free To Download On The Epic Games Store

Oh boy.

There’s no doubts in my mind that the Grand Theft Auto series is one of the best video game series of all time and ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ is the (current) pinnacle of said franchise – it’s just completely awesome.

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Most of us have probably already played and clocked it considering it’s been out for something like eight years, but for those of us who haven’t and still game on PCs, you’re in for a treat after Epic Games announced that they were making the game free to download from their web store. Sadly though, when an offer this good comes along, there’s only one outcome – their servers crashed:

Lol. Would seem kinda obvious that this was going to happen with hindsight, but I suppose they probably just figured that the majority of people in the world had already played it like I did. Seems like that isn’t the case at all though and if they ever manage to get onto he server, millions of more people are going to be enjoying the game for the foreseeable future. Now that really is longevity.

For more of the same, here are some rumours about GTA 6. Wonder when that’s going to be finally released.


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