Gossip Girl Actor Ed Westwick Accused Of Rape By Actress Kristina Cohen

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Another sexual assault allegation.

Following on from Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey and Dustin Hoffman, the latest Hollywood big shot to be implicated in tales of sexual abuse is former Gossip Girl star Ed Westwick.

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Westwick memorably played the character of asshole hedonist Chuck Bass in the show and it turns out he may have had more in common with the guy than he let on. Mirroring his character – who tried to rape two girls in the premiere of the show – it turns out that Westwick may have been indulging in this type of behaviour too, as actress Kirstina Cohen details in a recent Facebook post:

Damn. Another horrific experience for another woman in Hollywood. Makes me feel awful just reading it to be honest.

There’s been no comment yet from Westwick or the producer boyfriend yet, but it doesn’t seem like they can have too many justifications for indulging in behaviour like this. Hopefully they’re both punished for this, but nothing seems to be happening to anyone else so it seems unlikely. Ugh. Hopefully this will at least give Cohen some kind of closure on the issue, although that’s probably going to get worse in the immediate future for her too.

For more on the sexual abuse that exists inside Hollywood, click here. There’s a whole lot of articles.


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