A ‘Gorgeous Young Vlogger’s’ Filter Glitched During A Live Stream To Reveal 58 Year Old Woman


Everyone knows that you can’t exactly trust everything that you see on the internet, but you would have thought that if you saw someone live streaming then they would at least be appearing as themselves. Of course, you would be completely wrong though.

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This has been proven in somewhat horrific fashion over in China where a supposedly young glamorous female blogger has been exposed as a 58 year old woman after the filter glitched during a live stream revealing her true face. Your Highness Qiao Biluo has a large following on the Chinese streaming platform Douyu, but thanks to the malfunction the ‘cute goddess who spoke with a sweet and healing voice’ is gone forever.

It sounds as though the whole thing was a major screw up on Biluo’s fault to be honest – during her live stream with another blogger Qingzi, she accidentally used a cartoon filter instead of an age filter and fans were begging her to show her true face. She said she would only do this if higher donations rolled in – and they did to be fair – but when fans saw that she was a 58 year old woman they began leaving the VIP chat room in droves. Can’t say I blame them.

Following the incident though, Biulo’s popularity has increased with 650,000 followers and she’s saying that it was all a ploy to gain even more popularity/infamy. Sounds like it’s worked to be honest as we’re writing it, but I’m not sure if it’s the kind of infamy you want to be involved in.

She’ll probably make even more money though as she’s planning on releasing a music album and has already been endorsed by companies that make beauty filters like the one she used to promote their products. Alrite for some isn’t it?

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