Gordon Ramsay Is Devastated His New Show Has Been Cancelled After Just One Series

A real kitchen nightmare.

I’m not sure how many of you out there managed to catch Gordon Ramsay’s new cooking show ‘Next Level Chef’ where a bunch of wannabe chefs had to cook various meals on different ‘levels’ of the building with different quality of equipment and ingredients and the various chefs being bumped up and down through the series depending on their performance?

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Sounds a bit weird right? Well yeah it was and that’s probably why you didn’t watch it and probably why it’s just been announced as being cancelled after just one lousy season on ITV. See ya.

Gordon was apparently devastated at the news, with a source close to him saying the following:

Gordon is highly competitive and he’s gutted the series wasn’t given a second run.

These types of shows always take a while to get going and for viewers to connect, so he thinks it wasn’t really given a proper chance.

But he accepts TV is a brutal world and sometimes shows just don’t work out.

A real kitchen nightmare for the guy, but I suppose when he’s made about 15 different dumb reality TV shows, one of them was going to be a flop eventually. I think there’s a US version of the show as well so maybe that will keep going for the die hard fans out there? Fingers crossed I guess. Was probably better/more entertaining and full of way more ‘personalities’ than the English version anyway.

As for ‘Next Level Chef’, I actually did manage to catch a couple of episodes of it for some reason and I suppose it was perfectly fine, as most reality TV game shows are. It wasn’t reinventing the wheel and was kinda stupid but I don’t think it was any worse than anything else out there, so it’s kinda surprising that it flopped so hard. Hopefully one of Gordon Ramsay’s other shows will make him enough money so he can continue being a multimillionaire?

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