People Are Questioning Why Gordon Ramsay Was Pitchside At The Superbowl

Why was Chef Ramsay there?

I think everyone remembers a couple of months ago when that wxnker Salt Bae ended up on the pitch at the end of the World Cup final celebrating with all the victorious Argentinian players and now another celebrity chef has showed up at a major sporting event and everyone is wondering what he’s doing there as well.

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The Kansas City Chiefs managed to defeat the Phildaelphia Eagles last night in one of the most thrilling Superbowls of all time, but much of the pre match talk was questioning just what Gordon Ramsay was doing pitchside with the Chiefs beforehand. They uploaded the following picture on their social media and everyone was talking about just why he was allowed to be so close to the players again.

Here are a few of the best reactions:

Lol that last one is a bit leftfield isn’t it but would be really funny if it turned out to be true?

Anyway, I think I realised the reason that Ramsay was there because a new series of ‘Next Level Chef’ was starting on Fox immediately after that so he probably needed to pop up at the event to promote that and remind everyone that it was happening. Wonder how big the ratings for it were after that hey? He’s a pretty big deal over there anyway so probably absolutely through the roof.

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