Google Search Engine – An Insight Into Our Souls?

Google Search Engine

Google’s predictive search gives us an insight into the questions that you want answers to.

Google Search Engine

As a third year student I have found that upon my academic quest to scrape some sort of qualification together, so as to re-enter the ‘real world’ fully prepared for years of imminent unemployment and moving back in with my parents – not that I’m bitter – I have found that in those moments of desperation, fuelled by pro-plus, coffee and discounted cheese and pickle sandwiches, Google does in fact have all the answers and can provide hours of fun. For those of you who are tiring of YouTube videos of cute kittens doing Gangnam Style, I bring you Google search.

I have lost hours of my life giggling in the corner of the library whilst finding out what all you sickos have been searching on Google, helped by Google’s handy predictive search.

It’s simple, just start a search and take a moment to see what comes up as the most searched. You’ll probably be horrified or find some sense of reassurance that you’re not the only sicko out there.

My favourite so far is found when you type is ‘can j’ to which the 5th result is ‘Can Jesus microwave a burrito’…

Er… what?!

I’m not totally up on the technology behind the search predictions but I’m guessing that a shit load of people must have searched this before, which begs the question, CAN JESUS MICROWAVE A BURRITO? No, it really begs the question, why do so many people care?!

Here are a few others which provided me with a giggle, enjoy.

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