Man Accuses Golfer Of Cheating, Gets Headbutted So Hard He Flies Through A Window (VIDEO)

Never question this man’s honour.

If you accuse someone of cheating at golf, you better be ready for anything – including getting headbutted through a damn window.

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This South African golf tournament turned ugly when one participant accuses the winner, a guy named Mike, of cheating. He responded by beating the absolute crap out of him.

Watch below:

The golf club wasn’t happy about the clip going viral:

On behalf of Lake Club we duly apologize for the unfortunate situation that happened during our Club championship prize giving yesterday.

Please note that we do not accept nor condone any such behavior as we have obligation to provide a safe and enjoyable experience for all our members and guests. It is very unfortunate that the video has gone viral as this is a once off incident and is not indicative of the fellowship we have at our club.

Welp, just a reminder that if you’re going to run your mouth at someone, be prepared for the possibility that it could backfire. Especially if the person you’re running your mouth to and accusing of being a cheater is the kind of guy that will headbutt you through a window.

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