What better way to announce yourself to the fans at your new club then to show up to the press conference wearing a lion mask?

I hadn’t heard of Gokhan Inler before but I think I’m certainly going to remember the name from now on. Not only is it really weird – Gokhan Inler, that’s weird right? – but he’s also responsible for one of the funniest/weirdest things I’ve ever seen to do with football. And I’ve seen a lot of dumb things to do with football. This is a particularly good one, and really jokes too. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like this since I’ve been watching football, except maybe when that guy who played for Fulham would wear a mask everytime he scored, and that isn’t really anything like it.

At a press conference yesterday in Napoli to announce a new signing, the player strode into the room wearing a lion mask. I’m getting the impression, that weirdly nobody actually knew who the signing was going to be (apparently Gokhan Inler is a pretty big deal in Italy and has been an integral part of the Udinese side that has played in Europe a couple of times in the last few seasons and helped them finish fourth in Serie A this season. Like, if Arsenal of Man City were gonna sign a new player I feel like you would definitely know who it was before they were officially unveiled. But anyway…) so the fact that he was wearing the lion mask really got everyone on edge.

They only realised who Gokhan Inler was when he turned around and revealed the number 88 on his back, which is apparently the number he wears. What is it with all these retards like him and Nicklas Bendtner wearing stupid numbers? Then he took the mask off and revealed to the world that he was Gokhan Inler and had signed for Napoli in 13million euro deal. Big money. More importantly though, do you think Gokhan inler has now set a precedent for future announcements of players signing for clubs? When Luke Modric inevitably heads to Chelsea will he be wearing a bear mask? Or when Cesc Fabregas heads to Barcelona will he turn up in a monkey mask? Only time will tell, but hopefully Gokhan Inler will be the first of many. Check out the dumbass footage of the press conference below:


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