VIDEO: The U.S. Air Force Has A Plan In Case Of Real Life Godzilla Attack

The U.S Air Force considers what it would actually do in a real life Godzilla attack.

The king of all monsters will invade UK cinemas at the end of this week and unlike the last American attempt at monster glory this one looks like it might actually be more vicious and bad ass than the Godzillas before it. So in celebration the folks at Smithsonian’s Air & Space decided to interview a couple members of the US Air Force’s 18th Wing at Kadena Air base in Japan about what tactics they’d realistically use in a hypothetical Godzilla situation.

Surprisingly, the young misinformed jarhead thinks a few thousand rounds can do something to the monster world’s reigning king. Thankfully the level-headed Sergeant knows the better option would be rounding up Chuck Norris, the Power Rangers, the Hulk and of course old George W. Bush. So yeah, don’t expect any serious answers and wait for the other good line I didn’t spoil for you:

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