Goat Jovi

Goat Jovi

The internet is a wonderful thing. It gives birth to comic phenomenon of the likes we could never imagine without it. This is one of those special phenomenon.

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Most of the time, internet based jokes give me a right old proper headache. The Harlem Shake is the latest internet craze and to be perfectly honest I don’t even see how people find that shit funny. The very first time, I must admit, it did make me chuckle a little. It wasn’t violent guffaws or big fat howls of laughter, but it was at least recognisable as an inward giggle. The concept is funny at least.

The problem I have is the replication. Millions of people produce literally the exact same video and think they are the next Eddie and Richie. It doesn’t half get on my tits.

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Another thing that really chokes on chubber is Bon Jovi. South Park did a good job summing it up. Bono is a giant shit that needs to be wiped off the face of the planet. I’ve never understood the fascination with Bon Jovi. For one, I have never heard a good song by them. For two, they write some of the worst music I have ever heard. I thought it was just middle aged people that are in or approaching a mid life crisis that like Bon Jovi but the more I bang on about how shit they are the more people seem to try and explain why they’re actually rad. Of course their arguments often leave a lot to be desired, it’s Bon Jovi for fucks sake. That’s like arguing that the pope wasn’t a mental reptilian overlord that got his kicks from bumming priests (totally legit by the way).

All in all, this video is awesome and proves once and for all that goats are way better than Bon Jovi. It also marries two things that I hate and makes one thing that I love, which is nice.

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