A Glowing Circle Shaped UFO Was Spotted Flying Over London (VIDEO)

More and more footage is emerging.

One thing that might have flown slightly under your radar given how much shit has hit the fan in 2020 in general is that the US government admitted the existence of UFOs and that there seem to be way more videos of them doing the rounds on the internet.

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This latest one comes from Croydon in South London, where a couple of people have filmed a glowing circle shaped UFO that kinda looks like a circle within a circle. You can check out the footage below and see what UFO expert Scott Waring makes of the sighting as well underneath that:

This exact same UFO has been seen worldwide and appears to be a wheel within a wheel.

I myself have reported seeing it here in Taiwan just one week after seeing it on TV news in China. This little bugger gets around.

Think of a glowing disk seen from its side. There you have it. Absolutely amazing footage.

UFOs are actually commonly seen over the London Area for some unknown reason, but I would guess because its the capital and has such a historical importance.


I mean the footage is pretty crazy but I suppose the sceptic in me wants to say that it’s probably pretty easy to fake these days, so the fact that it’s appearing all over the world in these locations isn’t as big a deal as it might have been say ten years ago. I guess we wouldn’t have as much footage though as well in that case so it’s kind of a vicious circle no pun intended).

The UFO itself is certainly very weird and kinda creepy, but there’s no way to know what it is whatsoever, so it will literally always be categorised as an ‘unidentified flying object’.  Hopefully the US government just comes out and tells us all what’s actually up with these things as another 50 years of this crap is going to get real tiresome, real fast.

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