This Glass Skateboard Is The Worst Idea Ever

Glass Skateboard

Might look like a good idea on the wall of your living room but actually skating with it – nope.

When I’ve thought about useless inventions in the past, I would probably have ranked a glass skateboard somewhere alongside a chocolate teapot in terms of it being completely and utterly devoid of any use whatsoever.

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Nevertheless, the guys at Avenue Trucks decided to make a glass skateboard for the guys at Braille Skateboarding and their YouTube series ‘You Make It, We Skate It’ and never want to shirk it, they decided to test it out. How long do you think until something goes wrong with this eh? 

Well, the video is 13 minutes long and about 5 of it is just them setting the board up and talking about it, so you might want to skip that if you actually want to see some action.

Yeah man, just like I thought, it might look good but it’s completely useless. Maybe if they put some grip tape on it first then it might have held together? Just an idea for the next one. If there is a next one.

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