This Girl’s Freaky Selfie Has Sent The Internet Into Meltdown

Weird Selfie

Can you see why?

If you look above, you probably won’t notice anything that differently to what you see on your Instagram feed every other day, as desperate looking girls try and look sexy in their photographs in exchange for a whole bunch of likes. Gotta have the Myspace angles though.

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If you look a bit closely though, you might see why this particular selfie is freaking everyone on the internet out. Take another look, and if you can’t see it then scroll down a bit for the reveal.

Weird Selfie Revealed

Yep, you got it there. This girl has got an extra finger on her hand, which is definitely completely and utterly freaky and weird, even if it’s supposed to be there. In fact especially if it’s supposed to be there – I mean I know we should be accepting of people with physical abnormalities but you’re not going to tell me that if you’v been chirpsing a girl on Tinder and ask her to send you over a photo that you’re not going to be freaked out when it turns out that she’s got an extra finger. You are.

Of course, it could just be some kind of Photoshop prank, although I’m not really sure what whoever made it would be trying to achieve there. Maybe the person who made it is just sitting there laughing at how the internet is going crazy about it. Good way to spend your time dude.

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