Two Utter Bitches Fat-Shame Guy At McDonald’s; Hero Steps In To Deliver Instant Karma

instant karma

Karma’s a bitch.

You can’t beat a bit of instant Karma, and today’s video is an absolute doozy.

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A resurfaced video is doing the rounds, showing the moment a pair of girls decide to pick on a guy for being overweight while waiting in the queue at McDonald’s.

It’s at moments like this that I wish I could punch through the computer screen, because honestly they’re being nasty to this poor guy for absolutely no reason.

Thankfully, people do step in to ask them what the fuck they’re doing – but there’s one hero in particular who arrives to deliver the justice these girls deserve. Even better, they’re both chucked out by a Maccie’s staff member straight after.

Ah, sweet, sweet Karma. So satisfying.

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