Girlfriend & Side Chick Surprise Cheating Boyfriend When He Steps Out Of The Shower (VIDEO)

Well and truly busted.

Been a while since we shared a good old cheating boyfriend/girlfriend exposed video on Sick Chirpse.

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After discovering her boyfriend was cheating on her, @Bachins1Chelsea invited his new girl @christen_09 over to confront the dude.

Here’s the moment he realised he was well and truly busted:

No idea how I would handle this situation personally, but you have to LOL at the guy’s hilarious little wave hello:

I wish they kept the camera rolling because I need to know what the guy’s next move was. Did he get dressed? Did he come up with a genius explanation about a mystery twin? Did he try to get a threesome going?

According to one of the girls, he didn’t have much to say:

There’s also this video from just outside the door, in which you can hear some arguing:

What’s jokes is how much the guy’s friends/roommates are loving every moment:

Apparently they weren’t involved in setting him up though, the girls just showed up and I guess there was nothing the lads could do but enjoy the show:

Unfortunately for the dude stepping out of the shower it seems like the threesome was a complete no-go. Instead he’s gone viral for being a cheating boyfriend and now his whole school knows about. Unlucky:

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