Girlfriend Turns Down Marriage Proposal Because The Diamond Was Too Small

Chinese Guy Proposal


Over in China, a dude was left heartbroken on what should have been the happiest day of his life as his girlfriend turned down his marriage proposal. Why? Because the diamond on the ring was way too small.

The poor guy had set up an elaborate spectacle with crowds of people waving banners, people dancing and large bouquets of flowers being brought in for the proposal. She even broke down in tears when he went down on one knee, but it all went pear-shaped after she took one look at the diamond. It apparently wasn’t up to her standard, and she turned and walked away without saying anything, leaving the dude visibly heartbroken as you can see above.

It turns out that she MAY have had some justification though, if the note below is meant to be believed:

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Chinese Man Marriage Proposal

OK OK I know most of you can’t read it, but apparently the translation goes as follows:

Before we agreed on an one carat diamond ring. Why is it so small?

Is he so careless or he just doesn’t care?

Well, it could be either I suppose but the lesson from this is pretty clear – if you promise your lady a one carat ring then you had better get her one because that’s a deal breaker. I mean how could she ever trust you again after that? Can’t really blame her for walking away after you didn’t get her the one carat ring you had agreed on, can you?

He probably should have proposed like this guy who faked his death for it – no way you can say no after witnessing something like that.


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