Watch This Crazy Footage Of A Shootout Between Bounty Hunters And A Fugitive In A Car Dealership

Bounty Hunters Car Dealership

All three ended up dead.

Bounty hunters have one of the most dangerous jobs in the world and even the best like Dog himself have been injured in the line of duty – the worst case scenario is that you might end up dead though.

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This is exactly what happened to bounty hunters Fidel Garcia Jr. and Gabriel Bernal on Tuesday at a Nissan dealership in Greenville, Texas. The man they were after was named Ramon Hutchinson and he had a warrant out for his arrest for both failing to appear in court on a drug charge and assaulting a police officer.

The two bounty hunters were reportedly waiting outside the dealership for four hours before Hutchinson arrived, and once there they headed in to confront him. They cornered him in an office, but Hutchinson was having none of it, reaching out for his gun and firing several shots at them.

The bounty hunters responded and a total of 20 shots ran out in about six seconds. All three men died at the scene, but fortunately nobody else was injured.

For some reason, somebody recorded cell phone footage of the incident which you can see below. It’s not that graphic because as soon as the shots ring out the recorder dives for cover, but it is kind  of distressing if you’re of a weak disposition. I’ve included a video of a news report about the incident too that also fills in some of the blanks too:

Crazy huh? Makes me so glad that guns and bounty hunters aren’t actually a thing in the UK. So fucking stupid that shit like that can go down. So glad that nobody else got hurt as a result of it.

For more shootouts, check out this biker shootout in a Waco diner that left nine dead. Ridiculous.


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