Girlfriend On A Leash Gets Treated Like A Dog By Her Boyfriend In Public (VIDEO)

She’s enjoying this way too much.

There’s seemingly no bounds to how weird people will get in order to achieve their sexual kicks, and for some that involves a bit of good old public humiliation and (consensual) degradation at the hands of their significant other.

But how horny do you have to be to get dragged around by a leash and treated like a literal dog in public? I’ll just leave this here for you to see for yourself:

Wow, if this is what they’re getting up to in public, I can’t even imagine how weird this couple gets in private. I would think that maybe this young lady lost a bet or cheated on her boyfriend and this is the punishment they agreed on, but she looks like she’s enjoying the experience way too much for either of those to be true. Oh well, whatever floats your boat I guess.

P.S. The Worldstar comment section did its thing, as usual:

For the male escort who was asked to have sex with a woman whilst her boyfriend sniffed his socks, click HERE. Absolutely disgusting.


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