Girlfriend Gets Filthy Surprise While Testing Her Boyfriend With A Personal Trainer


That did not go to plan.

We’ve got another ‘To Catch A Cheater’ video for you today. This time we’re over in Mexico City where a woman is testing her boyfriend for the second time.

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The first time round the boyfriend was tested with an older woman, and he failed disastrously. In the recent video below, the girlfriend decided to give him a second chance by secretly setting up a camera and sending a fresh new bait to trial his fidelity. Let’s see how he does, shall we?

You would’ve thought that after the first time he had learned his lesson. It’s pretty obvious that a woman like that wouldn’t come on so hard to a guy like him out of nowhere. It happens, but not often, and after he got busted the first time he should’ve known what was going on. Idiot.

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