Girl Makes Her Boyfriend Take A Beyonce Exam To ‘Make Sure They Can Stay Together’

Run for the hills dude.

We all knows that girls ‘can’t even’ when it comes to Beyonce. They just love everything about her. 21-year-old Allie Davis is up there with the most obsessive Beyonce fans, so much so that’s she’s forced her boyfriend to take a Beyonce exam to determine whether they should even be together.

He had to score above 60% for them to stay together — let’s see how he got on:



He passed! Which is good, I think? I guess he must be pretty into Allie if he didn’t run for the hills as soon as she presented him with these papers. She even titled it ‘The Official Allie Davies Relationship Test’ FFS. Psychopath city, population Allie Davis.

P.S. No Beyonce/Barack Obama secret affair questions? Maybe she doesn’t know Beyonce as well as she thinks.


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