There’s A New ‘The Ring’ Movie Called ‘Rings’ About A Movie Within A Movie


Don’t watch that video.

Ring was an absolutely terrifying Japanese horror movie from the late 90s that was made into a Hollywood blockbuster a few years later that was nowhere near as good, despite the fact that it spawned a sequel.

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Well, despite the fact that it’s been a while since the last Ring movie came out – about 9 years in fact – Hollywood still feels like it’s got some legs as they’ve rebooted in with ‘Rings’ starring Matilda Lutz and Johnny Galecki. The twist here is that Lutz watches the infamous video tape and spots that there’s another ‘movie within the movie’ that nobody has ever seen before. Oh shit:

Not really sure how the whole movie within a movie thing played out in that video – it kind of looks like she just watched the videotape like everyone else who has ever watched it watches it – but I did like it at the end where it looked like everyone on the plane was going to be forced to watch it. That’s a nice idea that could have some legs, although you kind of get the idea that it’s the climax of the movie from the trailer. I guess we’ll see come October 28th.

If you can’t wait that long, then check out the trailer for eagerly awaited horror movie ‘The Woods’. It’s a sequel to the Blair Witch Project don’t you know.


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