This Girl Who Received Her Graduation Diploma Then Walked Right Out Is An Absolute Boss

Power moves.

A young lady by the name Tayler Michelle Gray has gone viral after graduating from high school, but not because she gave some kind of profound speech or dropped her classmate with a Stone Cold Stunner up on stage.

Rather, a video of her getting her diploma has been shared thousands of times as it shows Tayler controversially walking off stage with her paper and then continuing to walk right out of the building, not wasting another second of her life having to sit through the rest of the ceremony.

Tayler says:

I didn’t want to sit with all the people. There was no reason for me to sit there for the rest of it. I just minded my own business and kept walking.

Watch below:

I’m now filled with regret for not doing the exact same thing at my graduation. Should have just walked out immediately after receiving my diploma like Tayler did. Instead I sat there like a mug for the whole ceremony listening to a bunch of names being read out and dreaming about what to have for dinner. Sooner I was out there, the sooner I’d have been able to eat.

Great move by Tayler. What can the school do to her anyway? Not a damn thing.

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