Watch This Girl Unleash The Dirtiest Burp From The Depths Of Her Stomach

Girl burp


Whoever said that girls can’t burp is an absolute fool. Just watch this video and you will take that statement back in a heartbeat.

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Don’t know much about the girl in this video aside from the fact that she is blonde, petite and can burp like a 50-year-old cab driver. Seriously, she’s got a special technique that she uses where she breathes in loads of air and then dispels it like a possessed girl exorcising some demons. Keep watching because while the first burp is OK, the second one is like nothing I’ve ever heard before:

Crazy shit. That girl has got some talents. Well, one talent anyway. I don’t really get why she waffles on at the end about her weird audition, but I do agree that it is a pretty unique skill to be able to burp like that.

I wonder if she could compete with the world’s loudest burp?


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