Girl Who Trashed Pub Bathroom Says This Viral Video Has Ruined Her Life

Imagine being humiliated like this in front of your whole country.

Might be showing my age a bit here, but I am so glad people weren’t obsessed with recording everything and sticking it online when I was this age.

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This girl and her friends were partying at Botanica Bar and Bistro in Perth, Australia when at one point they went on an absolute rampage in the toilets, particularly the girl in black who as you’ll see completely steals the show with her bin over the head / twerk / boob flash routine.

Someone secretly filmed the whole thing and stuck it online:

Naturally, reaction was mixed, with some saying its standard young person behaviour and others going on high and mighty about the state of young women today.

Some people were so offended by it (the type of people who look for things to be offended by all day), they apparently issued death threats to the girl. All in all, the 23-year-old girl says the video ruined her life:

The girls have been banned from the bar, which is a shame really because they look like they could be the life and soul of a party. Maybe a little too much though.

Going forward, hopefully she doesn’t take any advice from these girls.


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