Guys, Don’t Be Dicks To Girls On Tinder Or This Might Happen To You…

Girls Tinder

This girl used some mega stalking skills to get her own back on this douchebag.

You know how it is for females on Tinder with douchebags like this around; once in a while they’re going to get matched with trolls/idiots like this:

But that’s just the nature of the beast with dating apps like Tinder, best thing to do is block the person and move on. That’s not what Lori did though — Lori jumped online and somehow managed to use some next level stalking abilities to track down the Tinder troll’s mum, before sending her this message:

Still nowhere near as brutal as the girl who sent her Tinder match’s unsolicited dick pic to his mum. Now that’s the kind of shaming we can get behind.


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