This Girl Who Squared Up With Her Substitute Teacher Needs To Be Expelled ASAP

I’m so glad I went to a school where this did not happen.

Man, what a situation. What’s the best way to deal with this as a teacher? I know substitute teachers get zero respect as it is, but to have a teenage girl square up to you and threaten to beat you up in front of the whole class? There’s just no way this gentleman gets paid enough to put up with that.

Now obviously he could have gotten up and obliterated her if he wanted to, but that’s just not a good way to keep your job/freedom, so he did the smart thing and just sat there and took it. I just hope this young lady learns some manners and looks back on this experience with regret some day. Detention-worthy behaviour, to say the least!

Thankfully he knew that provoking her further wouldn’t be a good idea, like this teacher found out when he got smart with the school bully.


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