Scouse Girl Sends Psycho Tweet To ‘Cheating’ Boyfriend As Warning (VIDEO)

Listen to that maniacal laughter.

Charlotte Arnold from over in Wirral has posted a video of herself on Twitter setting fire to her now ex-boyfriend’s £120 Nike 110s.

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She doesn’t half take pleasure in setting those bad boys alight, tagging Ciaran O’Loughlin in the Tweet and laughing maniacally as the flames take hold:

Ciaran’s response:

I’m not a huge trainer guy so I’m not quite as stunned as the people over at Solecollector were at this footage, but I will say that video makes this girl out to be a grade A psychopath. You don’t want to date a girl who’s going to set your possessions on fire whenever there’s a small bump in the road, do you? On the other hand, that’s the kind of fiery passion and unpredictability you want to see out of your partner sometimes. I don’t know what Ciaran’s going to do about this situation but I wouldn’t be surprised if she goes full on Left-Eye from TLC on him one day. Watch your back pal.

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