Watch This Girl Get Brutal Revenge On Boyfriend Who Rejected Her During Kiss Cam

Kiss Cam

That got awkward real fast.

The Kiss Cam is a pretty dumb idea, but it’s become such a staple of most American sporting events now that you just kind of roll with it and don’t give it a second thought. If you get spotted, then you’d better get ready to pucker up, because you’re only going to get shit from every one in the crowd if you don’t.

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Unfortunately this one guy in the video below from the Atlanta Hawks game a couple of months ago didn’t get the memo. It kind of looks like he was having a fight with his girlfriend in the first place and was not happy whatsoever when the camera panned around to him. The girlfriend’s reaction is absolutely brilliant though, but then takes a turn for the worst:

Lol. What an absolute baby. I guarantee that those two aren’t together any more after that. Looks like they split up right there and then to be honest.

Side note – you’ve gotta love the announcer just saying ‘Kiss Cam’ over and over again in that stupid voice. What a job that would be.

For more kiss cam exploits, check out this dude getting friend zoned hard when it lands on him. Brutal.


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