This Girl Caught Her Reaction To A Fatal Plane Crash While Filming A Snapchat Video

Girl Snapchat Plane Crash

This is terrifying timing.

Snapchat is a pretty odd app. It’s great for sending your mate a picture of yourself having a poo, unwanted dick pics to your crush, and if you’re a really daft prick, posting a 9 minute long story of you inside a shit nightclub singing along to Avicii or David Guetta like a wally whilst fistpumping. Or, if you’re this girl from Ohio, managing to film your reaction to the moment a plane crashed right by your house.

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Paige McVeigh was recording a snapchat, when a plane flew by her window, and crashed into a nearby house. It’s off camera, but you can hear it, and see a flash as it goes past.

The plane was a Hawker H25, carrying 7 passengers and two pilots, and sadly all nine people died in the crash. It’s thought that the plane hit electricity wires and crashed into the house, resulting in a huge fireball.

Luckily, there were no deaths or injuries from the ground, which when you look at the aftermath below is extremely fortunate. They’ll be gutted their house is gone, but they’ll be glad they weren’t at home.


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It’s a crazy coincidence to be filming at the time, especially when you take into account how short and temperamental recording those videos is. At least she wasn’t taking selfies during the accident, like this guy.


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