Girl Pulls Off A+ Prank On ‘Creep’ Who Sent Unsolicited Dick Pics To Her

How did he fall for this?

Receiving unsolicited dick pics from strangers is one of the most annoying things that can happen a girl in the age of social media, but instead of crying and moaning about it, one woman decided to have a bit of fun with the sender.

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Tara Natasha, 26, from Cardiff, received the dick pics alongside a crude message from a random guy on Snapchat.

She decided to humour him for a bit, and when he asked to meet, she gave him the address for Buckingham Palace.


She also upped the ante by saying her flatmate was coming along too, and the three of them could have a threesome.

My replies back then we’re obviously sarcastic but he clearly didn’t get my irony. So when he asked to meet I thought I’d send him on a little journey. Just a bit of fun really, I didn’t think he’d actually go to be honest but obviously he did.

As Natasha went about her day, she saw the guy had messaged saying he was six minutes away.


Eventually the guy clocked that something was a little bit fishy, but he still remained hopeful:


In the end Natasha had to literally explain to him that if had all been a wind-up, because he couldn’t figure it out for himself.

Let’s just say he wasn’t happy:


Well, that’s what happens when you blast out unsolicited dick pics just hoping that some girl will eventually take the bait. There are plenty of girls out there who will happily consent to seeing your penis in person, but they probably wouldn’t be thrilled for it to show up out of nowhere on their Snapchat.

So with that in mind, big up Tara Natasha for the way she handled this one. The fact it was such an obvious troll job and this guy was just driving around London with a raging boner is laugh out loud funny. Well played indeed.

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