This Professional Dick Pic Photographer Dresses Up Dicks In Outfits For Art (NSFW)

You’ve never met anyone with this much passion for dick.

Professional dick pic photographer Soraya Doolbaz is taking the art world by storm by dressing penises in little costumes and taking photos of them.

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She says she got the idea after years of receiving dick pics as a single woman and realising that “some dick pics were better than the other ones”.

This gave her the idea to start collecting doll costumes as a way to create a personality for each individual penis and photograph them.

Watch below — be warned if you’re in the office, there’s plenty of dick on show:

At first I thought this was going to be another ridiculous try-hard modern art thing, but I actually think it works now after seeing the video. Some of those dressed up penises are laugh out loud funny. Soraya Doolbaz is like the crazy cat lady of dick pics, and I guess you’ve got to appreciate the kind of craziness that comes with having a real passion for photographing dicks in costumes.

Put it this way — I’d rather hit up one of Soraya’s shows than her colleague who thinks showcasing her actual period blood is ‘art’ (NSFL).


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