Girl Pistol Whips Another Girl During Kerbside Fight In Real Life Spring Breakers Moment

Girl Pistol Whips Other Girl

That’s gonna hurt.

Spring Breakers was probably one of the dumbest movies I’ve ever seen but it’s undeniably badass when (spoiler) the girls hold up the restaurant or storm the mansion in the end and mess everyone up. Those girls know how to bring it.

So it isn’t that surprising that girls in real life are emulating them and taking things to the next level when they get involved in fights these days. In the clip below, you see two girls who look like they’re dressed like the Spring Breakers going at it on a kerb somewhere in America, when one pulls out a 9mm and starts pistol whipping the other before they start rolling around on the floor and going at it even harder. Brutal.

Haven’t got any more information on this fight, so that’s it, but if you like this then check out this footage of a Cleveland bus driver uppercutting an unruly teenage passenger.

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