Girl Who Had The ‘Perfect Life’ On FB Was Actually Getting Savagely Beaten Up By Her Boyfriend


Carleigh Hager was beaten so hard her tongue was ripped out.

In the age of social media and image crafting, it’s very easy to make your life look like it’s absolutely incredible when the truth is actually much further from that, but I don’t think I’ve ever encountered anyone who has attempted this feat and failed harder than the girl in this story.

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Carleigh Hager was a girl who seemed to have it all if you checked her Facebook feed, as she would constantly upload pictures of herself and her boyfriend Ryan Cameron looking all loved up. The truth though was that he was actually beating her up all the time, once so badly that she had to have her tongue stitched back in at her local hospital.

Think about that for a second – he beat her so bad that her tongue got ripped out.

Anyway, Carleigh has broken up with the guy now (probably should have done that a while ago) and wanted to speak out to try and help anyone else that is obsessed with image crafting and making everyone think you have a completely sick life when it’s actually completely terrible:

Carleigh Hager

I thought I was going to die after the attack.

Ryan choked the blood back into my mouth so I couldn’t breath.

I freaked out and was screaming even harder and he tried to suffocate me with my own blood.

He put his hand right here and plugged my nose and I couldn’t breathe.

If I ever tried to split up with him things got even worse. I tried several times and he would threaten my dog’s life.

I was so embarrassed to tell my family because I had started a life with him.

My happy image on Facebook was just an illusion. Social media is not everything you think.

Don’t ever let them tell you that you’re nothing, That you have nowhere to go.

Don’t let them take your spirits away from you and tell you that you’re not pretty, that you can’t do anything.

Hang out with your friends. Do anything in this world. ‘Cause that’s not a man. That’s not somebody who loves you.


Well, I mean I don’t want to sound disparaging because clearly people do this, but if someone I knew was beating me up all the time and being a complete prick to me then I don’t think I would be posting pictures of me and them on social media looking like we were having the best time in the world ever. But people do actually do this as demonstrated by Carleigh’s story, so if you’re actually in a relationship like that take her advice and get the hell out of there before you end up with your tongue ripped out.

For more examples of social media culture, check out this dude who asked for a refund after he bought a girl a drink and didn’t get laid. People like that actually exist.


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